100% Clean 1000% Funny

When it comes to stand-up comedy, clean is the new dirty.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find good clean fun.

Stand-up comedy has always had a reputation for being risque. There is nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes people like to go out and have a belly laugh without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Enter; Clean Comedy All Stars.

We are a group of comedians, seasoned and up and comers, here to bring you the best in stand up comedy without the foul language, sexual innuendo, and audience attacks.

Welcome to our website.

Feel free to check our pages to see where we are performing.

Book us for your event !!!

100% clean, 1000% funny !!!


Churches, Schools, Fundraisers, Comedy Shows 

Call today – Stevie at 631-839-1942   or  John at 516-652-3562

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Stevie GB


Stevie GB Stevie GB

About Stevie GB: Since his comedy debut in 1991, Stevie has rarely found himself off of the stage. Under the guise of “The World’s Funniest Accountant”, Stevie has become an award-winning comedian, playwright and actor. His plays have been featured in Off-Broadway theaters. He has performed stand-up comedy at large theaters, comedy clubs and countless venues across the east coast. Opening for greats as Louie Anderson, Bobby Collins, Uncle Floyd, and many more. Stevie holds his own with his three, self-authored, One Man Shows, including his solo performance portraying the iconic comedian, Groucho Marx.

Follow Stevie on Twitter:@StevieGeeBee

Subscribe to Stevie on YouTube: Stevie GB Comedy

Friend Stevie on Facebook: @StevieGeeBee

Follow Stevie on Instagram: @StevieGB57

Email Stevie for bookings: StevieGB57@Gmail.com

Stevie’s homepage for his independent work: www.StevieGB.com

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TOP Albums of 2013

Stevie Rocks

2013 clock

I looked ahead at the remainder of the year and nothing seems to tickle my fancy, so I am giving you my top 10 of 2013:

10) Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

No new ground is broken here. They keep their unmistakable sound. However, after a few listens, I find it seeping into my skin. They hook you in with the opening track “Welcome To My World” and they never seem to let go.  “Secret To The End” and “Soothe My Soul” are as good as anything this band has ever done. Great comeback.

9) Iggy & The Stooges – Ready To Die

Iggy is back. Screaming and yelling like he has something to prove.  This is a return to what made him the legend that he deserves to be. That raw Stooges sound is here. To make it even better, it’s hilarious. Sense of humor in tact, Iggy proves…

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Lost in The Supermarket

Suffocating In Suburbia

As I was roaming around my local Stop & Shop I couldn’t help but notice they sell patio furniture. There was a full sized table, four chairs, and an umbrella, next to the firewood and beer. In all my years spending way too much time in a supermarket, I have never seen anyone buy a patio set. How would you fit it in the wagon? I imagine you would have to contact one of the managers, whose headshots appear on the wall of fame, to help you bring it to your car.

Why do they need a headshot for the managers anyway. Do these folks actually go to a professional photographer and get 8X10’s made up? “Yes, I am the produce manager at Waldbaums. I would like a photo session which includes 25 poses and 3 changes of clothes.” If I had to do that I would be as creative…

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It was 22 Years Ago Today


I have always been the funny guy. Class clown, office fool, family joker, village idiot…no wait a minute..I lived in a town, not a village.

It was a dare from Meredith, a co-worker that gave me the guts to try stand-up comedy. It was July 29th, 1991 at The Juke Box Café in Hauppauge, Long Island. Owned by WBAB DJ Bob Buchman. Talent Night was every Wednesday. Musicians, Magicians, Comedians, Jugglers, etc. Bring your talent for 15 minutes and win valuable prizes.

So I did it. I prepared 15 minutes, not knowing how ridiculous that amount of time is for a first time comedian. I had everyone from the office there to “support” me, or watch me crash and burn.

But I didn’t lay an egg. I killed. for 15 minutes. I even won 3rd place. My valuable prizes were a T-Shirt and a Bonnie Raitt cassette. But more importantly, that night I became a stand- up comedian.

I remember the drive home. Screaming in my car. “I am a comedian”. “I should be on Letterman by September.” “I can quit this lousy job by Christmas.”

Of course it doesn’t work that way.

22 years later, I am still waiting for Dave to call and I am still working the day job.

I quit a bunch of times, but always came back to the stage. Having been at it on a fairly consistent basis since 2004, I am happy with the success I have had. No big famous moments or TV appearances, but I have won a few awards, opened for some high profile people (Louie Anderson, Bobby Collins, Bob Nelson, Uncle Floyd, Ted Alexandro, Joey Kola), accomplished a 90 minute one-man show and gained some respect in this business that is rarely treated with respect.

Looking back, I am happy I took the dare.

I have many people to thank for my comedy career. (I can never say career without chuckling.)

Hats off to a bunch of folks. Thank you for your support and your belief in me.

Rick Morgan, John Ryerson, Gary Smith, Paul Anthony, Roger Paul, Donna Drake, Vince Dantona and George, Shawn Morrill, Chuck Weber, Keith Richard, Brian Cohen, Samantah Tetro, Mark Maningo, Mike Dillon, Tom Bellezza, Alan Streisfeld, Les Degen, John Santo, John Passadino, Goumba Johnny and all my comedian buddies.

This is starting to sound like a eulogy. I ain’t dead, or retiring.

I am having a blast.

The only time you fail is when you quit. 

Here’s to 22 more years of waiting for that phone to ring.

Hello ? Dave? is that you? - 928e

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Ten Top Tweets This Week

Here are my tweets from this week that got the most attention. Follow me on Twitter @steviegeebee

Would have loved to see Prince William drop kick a fake baby into the crowd. these Royals have no sense of humour.

Anthony Weiner is a Re-peter.

#Weiner went to sex rehab and had a Speedo recovery.

Maybe Anthony Weiner was sending pics of his Budget Package.

To my non-comedian friends: Please know that when you say “you should put that in your act” means I will NEVER put that in my act.

Prince William admits his first phone call was to Helen Mirren.

Royal baby on the way. They can see the Titular Head.

Apparently singing Broadway style Journey songs is the gateway to heroin.

There’s a lady who knows she has the option of Leasing a Stairway to Heaven.

Rolling Stone Magazine is dead to me.

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No Respect

IMG_20130710_221609 - Copy

Rodney Dangerfield made a living at getting no respect, yet he became one of the most respected stand-up comedians in history. This doesn’t take away from the fact that Rodney was absolutely correct. Stand-up comedy is the lowest form of performance art when it comes to respect, recognition and appreciation. Singers, musicians, magicians, etc. are revered, while comedians are treated like talentless losers. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but then again.

Here is my point. While watching America’s Got Talent last night, it was easy to be enthralled by the dancers, singers and dangerous magicians. However, when the chosen comedians hit the panel of four judges, the excuses started. “It’s hard for comedians because they need an audience”. I say Balderdash ! (love that word). A professional comedian should be able to perform for an audience of 2, as well as 5,000.

Comedians are smart. They have to learn how to construct a joke, or an observation that appeals to a wide range of audience. They have to be original. We can’t do covers. They are challenged to be clean for a family audience. And most importantly, they have to be funny.

Is that harder than learning how to sing, or play piano, or do a simple magic trick?

YOU BET IT IS …Try it…Then let me know how you feel about comedians.

Jon Stewart, a highly respected comedian, said it best. “People don’t think comedians have talent because everyone thinks they can tell a joke, or they know somebody funny. Watching someone sing opera, or play an instrument is talent. You’re just telling jokes. My brother in law can do that.”

Stand-up comedy is the most difficult form of entertainment. You are alone up there and you need attention from people. You cannot be in the background, like the cocktail lounge singer. The audience makes a decision to like you or hate you within the first 30 seconds and you have to go on, in spite of that opinion.

Yet, making someone laugh so hard it hurts is the most satisfying feeling for the comedian and the audience. Laughter is healing. It releases endorphins, It cures disease. It’s helps people forget their problems.

Let’s see an accordion player do that.

Hug a comedian today.

Or at least go out and support live comedy.

My schedule is on the “on stage” tab on this blog.

My website www.steviegb.com 

I am open to hugs, as long as I have my Purell.


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